Mittens that fit and stay on are a particularly big issue for children with limb differences.   

For several years, mimiTENS has made custom mittens and donated to organizations that support the limb differences. 

The ball really got rolling when mimiTENS earned its patents in Canada and the USA.  That is when I knew it was absolutely safe to be more proactive in talking about this project and even try to promote it.  

It has always been my intention to use my invention for good.  It was always my intention for this to be a zero-profit project.  Ultimately, I wanted to create a way for people to pay-it-forward and now I think I have got it. 

A fund was created with the Toronto Foundation to collect donations to make these mittens and give them away.  I think we have about $950 in there and I have not touched a cent of it.  Every pair of mittens we have made for getIN has been paid for, with pleasure, by me.  

We learn by doing, and these are the things that I have learned making custom mittens for kids with limb differences.

1) When parents would reach out because they needed special mittens, I always gave them the option for a mitten with a thumb or a flat mitten to accommodate their children's needs.  Half the parents chose mittens with thumbs.  Half the parents chose flat mittens.  I want to offer both.  

2)  I saw more left hands than right hands needing special attention.  This is a very unscientific observation but it made me realize that I need to come up with a way to be more efficient in manufacturing so that we could make more mittens! 

3) If a special mitten gets lost, uh oh, really no good.  

4) Parents feel shy to ask for the mittens.  They want to pay for them.  I feel bad taking people's money for this.  So I needed a solution.  

5) Shipping is really expensive.  Sending the mittens cost me about $20 a pair.  It gets in the way of how many I can make.  

Here are my solutions.  

I created a getIN PROJECT COLLECTION and I am making it an opportunity to for people to choose what they want, for my factory to make bulk orders and for things to go more smoothly. 

The getIN PROJECT mittens set consists of three mittens; a right, a left, and a flat mitten.  In order to make the manufacturing of the flat mitten more efficient, we are putting the mimiTENS label along the wrist.  That way, it does not denote left or right.  The price is $50 and this includes three mittens and expedited, insured shipping.  

This special collection is available in all the sizes mimiTENS offers.  
If you need something particular, please mail us at

To shop the getIN project, please go to the collection page on this website.  

with all my heart,


PS:  There is a getIN PROJECT website.  I am having to take it down because it is just too confusing to have both.  Also, people know that it is a mimiTENS jam.