ABOUT mimiTENS and Some of the Parts

mimiTENS is an independent design brand that came to be when its owner, Anna-Maria Mountfort set out to make the kids mittens of her dreams. mimiTENS is a made up word intended to sound like 'mes mitaines' which means 'my mittens' in French.  While mimiTENS began making mittens, it has grown to make more children's accessories that respond to the needs of parents and the rigours of everyday life. 

The mimiTENS collection includes:

 mittens | booties | neckwarmers | hats | baseball caps | backpacks

We are delighted to share our next move with you. 
Some of the Parts is a small accessories line that reacts to busy city lives.

As with mimiTENS, the starting point of all Some of the Parts designs is joy. We ask, “wouldn’t it be awesome if…?’ and go from there.

We are small, nimble and constantly inspired.
We look forward to adding more accessories to the SOTP line and seeing how you add our pieces to what you already have.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.