Deep Thoughts and Observations from Anna-Maria

Dear reader,

Thanks for taking the time to read these ideas and observations of mine. I realize that I am super behind the scenes and don't put my personal self out there much.  So, I thought that maybe if I put some random stuff out there, you would have a better sense of the how and why of mimiTENS and Some of the Parts.

First, some background.  I have no background.  I am not a trained designer in any way, though I am surrounded by them.  I come from crafty people who showed me how to make things from scratch.  My mom and grandmother in particular...they can knit, sew, embroider, crochet, pattern-make.  They have magic hands.  I have a drop of the talent that these ladies have.  I guess that was all that I needed.  (laughs at own joke)

We have a factory in Toronto with one manager and four sewers.  Everyone who works at the factory is a woman.  I buy all my fabrics and supplies from Canadian companies with the exception of the wax cotton that we use for the Some of the Parts bags.  That comes from America.  Also, we don't make our baseball caps. We buy New Era ones and embroider our designs on them. Honestly, New Era makes the best caps.  Other than that, we design in Canada and we make in Canada.  Please don't let anyone tell you that it is not possible. 

I have the nicest people who work with me doing graphics, administrative stuff and also some shipping.  Nice folks.  Love them. 

Random stuff:

I have two kids, a husband, and a dog. 

I love love love Toronto. 

I talk a lot and then I am done. Two gears.  

I have zero tolerance of violence. 

I love to walk in the woods. Cardinals are my favourite birds and monarch butterflies are the best.  

I like to eat donuts - two at a time.  

I like a weird coat.  I actually LOVE the coats that no one else wants. Accessories is my jam.  I have a very strange and possibly dangerous love of bags. I wish that I wore posher earrings. 

I am always drawn to having pink hair but this involves bleaching.  Once my hair broke off from over-processing.  My hair colourist cried.  

I don't care about popular.  I care about excellent.  I have files and files of drawings, notes and ideas.  

Professionally, I hope to live a life that is creative and well-intentioned. Personally, I hope to live a life that is courageous, compassionate and humble.