We have noticed that when people first hold this bag, they feel an urge to hug it.   Clearly, they are in love. 

Introducing the Some of the Parts Clutch.  
This bag comes through in so many key situations - an everyday bag, a stroller caddy, a lunch bag, and any other way you can dram up.    

The Clutch is  27 cm wide 19.5 cm tall by 8.5 cm wide.  
There are two smaller pockets on the inside of the main pouch.  
All bags come with stroller clips.

Our bags are minimally branded because restraint is harder than people think.   This bag is about you.  Put your pins and patches on it.  The more you wear it in, there more you will love it. 

Fabrics + Trim

Some of the Parts bags are made with 10.10 oz wax cotton and they are lined with nylon.  Both fabrics are water- repellent.  Handles and straps are made from 100% nylon webbing.  That means a nicer feel, better durability and good style.  

We are proud to offer a leather-free option.  
Designed in Canada.  Made in Canada. 

Care instructions:  

Wax cotton is this cool kind of fabric that you can wipe clean with a wet cloth. Please do not dry clean it or put it in the dryer as it will melt the wax.  All Some of the Parts bags can be turned inside out very easily.  You can spot clean the nylon with water and a mild detergent.