SWANS baseball cap


The swan is a new design for  mimiTENS and we have put it on hats, mittens and backpacks.  It is pretty and timeless. 

We are proud to offer the coolest New Era caps with our rad designs on them. 

We have three sizes and two styles of caps: TODDLER and YOUTH.  

The TODDLER size cap is a fitted cap that has a 20 inch/51 cm circumference. 

The YOUTH cap is also a fitted cap with a 22 inch/56 cms circumference. 

In the swan hat, we have a snap back size too. It goes from 22-29 inches. Fits grown ups, you know, for twinning purposes.  

We sew a little mimiTENS identifier on the back that is made of 3M Scotchlite just for a little extra visibility.